Our Vision

AmeriCU Credit Union strives to be the primary financial services resource for its members.

Our Mission:

To exceed member expectations and build beneficial and lasting relationships by providing excellent financial services.

Our Values

Our Organization's Values describe the beliefs that guide our behavior.

  • Excellence
  • Financial Stability
  • Doing What's Right for Members
  • Teamwork
  • Meaningful Work


Excellence speaks for itself through results. We must always strive to do our best in whatever we provide, and we expect no less from vendors and partners. We search for unique ways to exceed member needs. We hire the best people, teach and hold people accountable to standards, learn from our actions, and avoid complacency. We model excellence in our leadership and management actions. The Board and Management Team work together to model excellence, build trust, and play an active role in the CU industry and our communities.

Financial Stability

We prudently manage the financial affairs of the credit union, as a sound, reliable source for financial services. To insure our longevity, we are dedicated to generating sufficient earnings, shares, loans and capital to assure financial stability. Through continuous planning and strategic implementation, we work to put resources in place to allow us to act on new opportunities, facilitate change, support our staff, and achieve solid industry ratings. We strive to maintain a current working knowledge and understanding of all aspects of financial strategy and management.

Doing What's Right for Members

We exist for our membership. Our commitment to honesty, integrity and trustworthiness guides our actions. We place our publics (members, volunteers, employees and communities) first and strive to meet (and exceed) their interrelated needs. We select vendors, services and technology based on member preferences, emerging needs, ease of use and their consistency with strategic initiatives.


AmeriCU's Board of Directors, Management Team and Employees work together to achieve our mission and make the credit union successful. We respect each other, recognize each others' skills and talents, seek each others' help, and place the member and his/her needs at the center of our processes.

Meaningful Work

We work to establish and maintain an environment in which employees understand that their efforts contribute to the credit union's success. We strive to work in ways which enable employees to feel that their results benefit the quality of others' lives. Our leadership and teamwork help employees realize a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment by making a difference in people's lives.